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Use of health scale

Time:2021-08-12 13:34:16

       1. When weighing, please place the scale on a hard and flat ground

  2. When using an electronic scale, in order to ensure accuracy, it is best to test whether the battery is sufficient before use.

  3. There is a toggle switch at the bottom of the scale. The unit of measurement can be kilograms or pounds. Kilograms will display "kg"; pounds will display "lb".

   4. In order to avoid affecting the accuracy of weighing, please do not place the scale on carpet or soft ground, stand on the surface of the scale evenly, and keep your body balanced.

   5. Both feet must be balanced to ensure the accuracy of the value.

  6. The most headache of mechanical health scales is that the pointers will be offset and need to be adjusted frequently to ensure that the pointers are accurate. It is best to pay attention to the adjustment before using it.

  7. You might as well shake it a few times before using it.

   8. After standing on the scale surface is stable, the LCD will display the weight measurement value, and the current weight value will appear when the screen value stabilizes.

   9. When the subject can walk off the scale, the LCD display will return to zero later, and the next weight test can be performed.

   10. When "O-LD" is displayed, it means overload, that is, the weight has exceeded 150kg. When overloading occurs, when a person walks off the scale surface, the scale can resume normal work, and "O-LD" will follow.